1949--Meijido established by first president,
0000--Mr. Fusao Mochizuki.
0000--Head office established in April
0000--in Wakamatsu-cho, Kofu.

1961--Main merchandise changed to jewelry
0000--and precious metals.

1964--Joined Yamanashi Crystal & Jewelry Association.
0000--Head office relocated to Yuda-cho, Kofu.

1969--Head office relocated to current location
0000--in Sumiyoshi, Kofu.

1972--Presidency assumed by Mr. Hisamasa Mochizuki.

1973--Joined Yamanashi Jewelry Association.

1977--Meisei Trading Corporation established
0000--to handle functions of import department.
0000--Tokyo office established.

1978--New office building completed.

1979--Incorporated as Meijido Co., Ltd.

1984--Osaka office established.

1986--Nagoya office established.

1990--Current office building completed.

2001--Began purchasing stones
0000--in Israel, Belgium and India.
0000--Main merchandise changed to diamonds.

2002--Joined Zenkoku Hoseki Oroshisho Kyodokumiai
0000--(National Jewelry Wholesale Cooperative Association).

2003--Exhibited at International Jewellery Tokyo for the first time.
0000--(subsequently an annual exhibitor)

2004--Exhibited at Japan Jewellery Fair for the first time.
0000--(subsequently an annual exhibitor)
0000--Presidency assumed by Mr. Hideki Mochizuki.

2010--Official website launched.

2013--Presidency assumed by Mr. Masaomi Mochizuki.
0000--Chairperson assumed by Mr. Hideki Mochizuki.